Liquor Cabinet

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Liquor Cabinet

Postby » Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:55 pm

There’s a story, I guess there’s always a story. I’ll start with the wood. Years and years ago, before I pulled the woodshop back out from storage, I crowbarred off a piece of wood from a pallet across the compound from me. I loved looking at it and so put in my bathroom and there it rested…waiting.

I was watching a nicely told Italian film recently, “Pane e Tupani”…I had seen it before but wanted to watch again because the dialog is slow and good for learning the language. There’s a scene where the main male character comes back home after wooing the main female character and he opens up his liquor cabinet to fix a drink. It was then I said, “Hey, I want a liquor cabinet too”.

The pallet wood always represented the ocean to me, maybe because of the grain felt like a set of waves coming in, maybe because I thought the pallet had come from overseas and so conceptually I designed around that thought.

The handle…the fish knocker.. I bought in a small antique store outside of Lisbon, Portugal. My last trip over there I started to buy some old hardware thinking I could incorporate them into my furniture.

The wood engraving in the right hand side comes from a photo I took on my girlfriend’s 50th birthday. We ate lunch in a small fishing village outside of Porto, Portugal. There was no menu in the restaurant. We went in, sat down and waited for something to happen. We looked to be the only non town people in there and eventually somebody came over and pulled us outside. We were to pick our fish from a table and that was thrown on the grill. We were led back inside and beer and wine and the rest of the mystery lunch was brought to us. It was a sublime lunch.

The door is made from shop made plywood..commercial stuff ain’t got no soul. All the hardware is shop made as well..a bit funky but funky is who I am.

LED strip lighting comes on when the door is opened. The wire door stops retract via a large fishing sinker. I wrapped the midsection with leather to control the noise. The wire door stop does give a very nice little auditory note when the door is opening. I like it.
There's hammered copper on the top as well as the inside of the door.
The engravings on both sides come out with the thought that it could be an ongoing and changing project of making new blocks and printing them up.
And as always more pics here
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Re: Liquor Cabinet

Postby PFranks » Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:51 pm

As always, GORGEOUS work, Paul. I love the combination of the linearity of the cabinet with the graceful Martini-glass curves of the legs. Your attention to detail is really amazing.

(For other readers, Paul had to point out the Martini-glass curves to me...)
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Re: Liquor Cabinet

Postby » Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:55 am

Clubsoda, a video making company decided to do a little film on the making of the liquor cabinet...and me too.

Warning for those whom might be offended but there's some strong language, drinking of adult beverages and a bit of mocking of religions in it.

For those with less the fast internet, hit the HD button in the lower right hand of the video to turn off High Definition.

And thanks Peter for the kind words.
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Re: Liquor Cabinet

Postby » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:21 pm

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