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TT-1 Turning Tree

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TT-1 Turning Tree

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1102-054

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

The TT-1 Turning Tree works in conjunction with your outside calipers. In the past, you would set your calipers to the diameter you wish to turn by laying them on a ruler and adjust accordingly. This method is full of problems and can cause undersized turnings. Obviously, oversized turnings are easily fixed, but they take additional time. The other problem exists with the calipers themselves.
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Product Description

The TT-1 Turning Tree is made in nine sections. Individual sections can be removed and kept in your apron pocket as quick references until your turning job is completed. We recommend you don't place this precision tool on the outboard end of your lathe while you turn, lest it vibrate onto the floor. All sections nest together, sturdy as a tree, awaiting your calipers. The major diameter of each section is permanently marked with the diameters of all four cylinders which make up that particular section. You'll know at a glance which section contains the diameter to match the drill you used to make the mortise. Additionally, the TT-1 Turning Tree sections can be used to size existing holes. Simply grab the section which closely resembles the hole you wish to measure and drop the narrow end into the hole until you find the size which fits. This can be extremely helpful in repairing antiques or making replacement parts.

If you are creatively oriented, the TT-1 Turning Tree offers a solid visual reference for a turned diameter. Sometimes it is very difficult to visualize the subtle difference between 3/4" and 13/16". This tool should help you make design decisions by being a ready visual source for diameters.

Another handy application of the TT-1 Turning Tree is laying out a small radius. The major diameter of each section can be used as a circle template. You can draw a perfect radius on a corner by aligning the diameter tangent with each reference edge.

The TT-1 Turning Tree is made completely from steel and sits in a handsome Juara wood base. The sections alternate in color so you can visually read the diameters from a distance.

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