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TS-1.5v2 Try Square Aluminum

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TS-1.5v2 Try Square Aluminum

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The TS-1.5 Mid-Sized Try Square is the "middle brother" of our squares.

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Product Description

Matching a square to the job is an important aspect of craftsmanship. The TS-1.5 Mid-Sized Try Square is the "middle brother" of our squares. With a blade length of 6-1/2" from heel to toe, it is sized exactly between the TS-1v2 and the TS-2v2. Consequently, it is particularly appreciated by those who do box work or make case goods and drawers.

TS-1v2 in Champagne Anodized Aluminum with an Orange Trim

Why is the orange insert in the handle of the T-squares loose and rattles?

The rattling in the Try Squares is normal and is present with all of the units. It does not affect the functionality of the tool and was part of the design of all our Try Squares. The looseness allows us to take the tool apart, if need be, should we need to re-square/fix the tool.


How do I re-square my try square?

The TS-2v2, the TS-1v2 and the TS-1.5v2 Try Squares are field adjustable. This means the accuracy of the square can be adjusted by the user. Here’s how;



1) Using the proper sized hex-key wrench, loosen one screw and then tighten it just a little bit. Loose the other three screws.

2) Place the square against a known 90 degree reference and note which way the blade needs to be adjusted.

3) Clamp the blade of the square in a wood vise. Gently tap the handle in the direction needed to make the square mate with the reference. This may take three or four attempts. Once it mates, tighten the one screw that was semi-tight, check again for square and then tighten the remaining three screws.

4) NOTE: The set screws are stainless steel. If you tighten them too tight, you will break the head of the screw off and the tool will need to be sent back to Bridge City for repair. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THESE FOUR SCREWS!


IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A KNOWN 90 DEGREE REFERENCE: Using a known straight reference, align the square flush with the reference and scribe a line. Flip the square 180 degrees and scribe a second line. By splitting the distance at the widest end, an empirical 90 degrees can be determined.. Using the technique described above, adjust the square until there is no gap when the square is flipped against the straight reference..

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  1. Excellent tool Review by Peter

    This is one of my must have tool in my apron. Worth every penny. (Posted on 11/11/15)

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