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SA-2v2 Scratch Awl

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SA-2v2 Scratch Awl

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Quick Overview

Scratch Awls are one of the most useful tools in a wood shop. Available in three configurations with handles in multiple colors, these will certainly be some of your favorite tools in the shop.

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Product Description

The SA-2v2 Scratch Awl is our standard-length awl with a long, fine, and hardened steel point used for scribing lines in confined spaces. This tool is also useful in many other situations where a thin shaft can assist you in your intent. From leather working to starting screws in wood or sheetrock, this is the most common size awl.

Overall length is approximately 8 inches and the handle is anodized aluminum.

Both the SA-2v2 and the SA-1v2 Scratch Awl points can be user-modified from the factory conical grind to a four-sided pyramidal point if desired. This will allow the tool to mimic a “birdcage” type awl and works better for screw starting. This popular size is approximately 4.5 inches in length.

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