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RS-18 Measurement System

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RS-18 Measurement System

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-117

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

All graduations on the RS-18 are permanently etched and are significantly easier to read than any rule we have seen or produced. They will not come off and are impervious to solvents. Here are the rules included on the RS-18:

    32nds reading left to right
   16ths reading left to right
   millimeters and 32mm reading left to right
   32nds center finding rule
   16ths reading right to left
   32nds offset/beam compass rule reading right to left

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Product Description

One of the major benefits of a triangular rule is the ability to read the rule as it sits in front of you. You no longer have to lean directly over the rule to do accurate work. In addition, all the rules are reversible. For example, if you are trying to set your table saw fence exactly 13-15/32" from the blade, no problem. The 32nds left to right rule reads right to left for this application.

When you need added capacity, simply attach section two. A few turns with a hex key wrench and you now have a 36" rule. All graduations are continued in sequence, and it is extremely rigid and accurate. Attaching section three creates a 54" rule, plenty long to span the center width of 4' x 8' sheet goods.

Simply slide on one or more fluorescent orange indicators and you can note any and all important measurements for repeatability or future reference. This feature is very exciting. From the layout of dovetails to the complete transference of features from an existing piece, you will be amazed at the ease you can work without actually measuring anything! These highly visible indicators will glide effortlessly along the entire length of the rule, including multiple sections while joined together.

It is easy to slide on the RS-18 trammel heads and begin your arc and circle needs. Use the special offset/beam compass rule and you can index the trammel to the rule, making for extremely accurate arcs and circles.

Slide the axle and wheels in place on section one of the RS-18 and it will effortlessly glide back and forth allowing you to easily create parallel lines. It works accurately enough to substitute as a marking gage in many applications where a line is needed parallel to an edge or another line. The wheels are neoprene and will not mark your work or paper.

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