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Precision Table Saw Pivoting Sled Kit

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Precision Table Saw Pivoting Sled Kit

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Quick Overview

Traditionally, table saw sleds feature a fixed, ninety degree reference to the blade. Our miter gage guide bars have a bolt mounted to it which allows for the attachment of the pivoting sled bases. With these attached, the fences are both adjustable up to forty-five degrees.
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Product Description

This is identical to our original Precision Table Saw Standard Sled Kit with one difference. This kit comes with 2 Bases that the Fences attach 'toollessly' via dovetail nuts and knobs. The metal levers clamp the bases securely down through the sled platen into the included miter gage slot bar. The fences can then both pivot on this point to basically turn your fences into a conventional sliding Miter Gage. Use this with the Tenon Miter Jig to cut some compound miters without tilting the blade.

By adding the Bases to the Precision Fences, one can now use the Elbow Clamps for various operations where hand strength is an issue and accuracy is of the utmost importance.

Below are the specs of the Precision Table Saw Sled Kit that apply to this unit:

The fence system consists of two independent fences, both featuring the ability to move stops without backlash in 0.001” (.05mm) increments over the 18” (450 mm) range of the fence. The stops are adjustable in both perpendicularity to the tables and in parallelism to the blade. The stop assemblies engage a backlash free lead screw with micrometer readouts on each end of the fences. The stops can be locked to the fence when needed but quickly pivot out of the way for rapid traverses, or, the stop finger can be flipped upward without unlocking the stop from the fence for a quick crosscut prior to cuts to a precise length. We have taken the micro-adjustable fence concept designed for the Jointmaker Pro and are now offering it as a Precision Table Saw Sled Kit.

In this kit you receive the following;

• 1 - 18" Left Fence, w/2 zero backlash, quick traverse flip stops and 0.001" resolution micrometer adjustor

• 1 - 18" Right Fence, w/2 zero backlash, quick traverse flip stops and 0.001" resolution micrometer adjustor

• 2 – ¾"x ¼" x 22" cold rolled steel miter gage slot guides, drilled and tapped.

• 2- ½" thick , anodized aluminum bridges • All mounting hardware.

• Assembly Instructions The only thing you need to provide is the sled material and a couple hours of build time—we will take you through process and calibration step-by-step.

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