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PG-27 Pantograph

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PG-27 Pantograph

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-160

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

A pantograph is a parallelogram device used for copying, enlarging or shrinking 2D images.
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Product Description

There are 3D pantographs used for creating multiple copies of sculptures and other forms to avoid the tedium of producing work in quantity. Today’s copier machine is a direct descendant of the first pantograph which was used to duplicate written documents, then paintings, typefaces and hundreds of other practical uses as time progressed. Pantographs were used extensively for minting, engraving and other tasks where images needed to be reduced for reproductive purposes. Historically, the pantograph was a very important tool and because the principles were Euclidean, it has likely been around for centuries. It is known that Leonardo da Vinci employed a pantograph to transfer his drawings to canvas.

The PG-27 Pantograph was designed as an enlarging pantograph only because the vast majority of the needs in a woodshop are for enlarging existing images.

What do youI use the PG-27 for?

Enlarging existing 2D images. Whether you are scaling a project to fit a space or a chair to fit a body, or all the other projects in between, the PG-27 is a great way to achieve perfect results very quickly. Indispensable for replicating scaled plans in books or magazines to full size without grid work.

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