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PG-13 Profile Gage

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PG-13 Profile Gage

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-143

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

All mating joint surfaces of the PG-13 are indexed to each other. Loosen the locking knob(s) and align the two (or three) sections to approximately the tangent lines of your profile, and lock in place. (Note: The joints align at 180 degrees and "ratchet" every 20°. The void between each finger array at 180° is 2.2" or 55.8 mm.) The two "wings" of the PG-13 each encapsulates a wire array that is 3.98" (101 mm).
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Product Description

The PG-13 allows for extremely large arcs or profiles that until today were not possible with a profile gage. These tools are great for modeling, architectural details, furniture making, floor and ceiling cutouts and a myriad of other applications where a clean cut profile spells the difference between craftsmanship and slop.

For simple moldings and depth readings, square the wire fingers of your profile gage by "profiling" a flat surface. Next, either push the tool against your profile or, for extremely delicate profiles it is easier to work the wires to the profile from the backside. The pressure bar keeps the fingers in place to allow tracing. In either case, the results are fantastic. It's important to note that with our articulated profile gages, you do not push your work into the fingers but instead push the steel fingers into the profile.

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