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Pencil Lead (Set of 12)

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Pencil Lead (Set of 12)

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Various pencil lead grades and shades are available to purchase in sets of 12.
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Product Description

Pencil Grades
Graphite pencil leads are a mixture of graphite and clay. The higher the graphite content, the softer and darker the lead. And, the reverse is true.

The complete range of lead choices from hardest to softest is 10H through H, then F, then HB through 10B. The limited choices we offer for Pencil Precision are by far the most popular choices used today.

When picking a lead for children, we suggest you stay in the softer range, the leads are not as brittle and do not break as easily as the harder leads. Try HB or 2B. The fun is in experimenting. If you are making a good luck gift pencil for a student, 2H is the standard for test taking.

If you do light sketching prior to painting, we suggest a hard lead which creates a lighter line.

All pencil leads are 2mm in diameter and are approximately 25-75mm shorter than the pencil body (nobody uses a pencil that has been sharpened to a length of less than 50mm).

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