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PB-1 Palm Brace

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PB-1 Palm Brace

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-146

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

The PB-1 Palm Brace is hard to beat for all holes up to 1/4" diameter. This capacity and range addresses most pilot hole requirements needed for screws. With amazing speed and accuracy, this brace allows you to cleanly bore holes with very little effort. And you’ll find bits stay sharper longer because the force needed to drill holes by hand is more “bit friendly”. Drills are available in both brad-point and traditional twist drill styles. Brad points cut faster and cleaner in wood than twist drills, however they cannot be used for metal boring. Twist drills are much more utilitarian and can be used on almost all raw materials encountered in the woodshop, including most metals. The first time you bore a small hole with the PB-1 Palm Brace you will be shocked at how quickly you can drill by hand.
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Product Description

Combination drilling/countersinking is equally fun and impressive with the PB-1 Palm Brace. It’s very easy to accurately control depth so Flathead screws look perfect.  With a single drill/countersink bit, you’ll be able to seat #4-12 Flathead screws with ease. (Single flute countersinks work great in wood and non-ferrous metals.)

Driving screws with the PB-1 Palm Brace will “charm your socks off”. Finally, here’s a tool where you can “feel” the exact torque needed to do sensitive work, a really big deal with small brass screws. No more stripped screws, no more broken screws. Once you use the PB-1 Palm Brace to install hardware you will find a traditional screwdriver awkward! Screwdriver bits are available in a myriad of styles and sizes. We offer the most common bits needed in a wood shop including the popular square drive bit.

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