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MG-4 Marking Gage

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MG-4 Marking Gage

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-162

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

The beam of the MG-4 Marking Gage has two “business ends”. Attached to one end is a circular knife used for scribing straight lines parallel to your reference edge. Firmly attached to the beam, this knife does not rotate during use. When dull, simply loosen the screw and rotate a new sharp edge into place (you can do this approximately 8-10 times before you need to hone the face of the cutter) and tighten in place. For most, this tool will never need to be re-sharpened. The beveled edge of the circular knife allows you to cut dead parallel lines without fear of cutter wander due to wood grain because the beveled edge “draws” the brass body of the MG-4 firmly against the reference edge. This is a superior way to scribe a parallel line as opposed to sharpened pins found in inferior designs. The other end of the beam features an adjustable point for scribing along a curved reference.
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Product Description

The depth of the scribing point should be set as shallow as possible to minimize chatter. Unlike scribing straight lines, curved work requires you to constantly maintain firm contact of the rubbing collars against the curved surface to minimize wander due to wood grain.

The MG-4 body is CNC turned from solid 360 brass and is designed to fit hands of all sizes. Once turned, it is CNC milled to create the unique profile for holding the steel rub collars needed for curved scribing. The body is an elegant form that perfectly compliments the function. You will immediately appreciate the weight of this tool as you scribe straight or curved lines. It’s one of those tools that always feels ready to work—the hallmark of a great tool. Now you can accurately layout curved tenons and many other joints where curves play a prominent role in the design or function.

The beam is turned and milled from 303 stainless steel. The working distance for straight lines is three inches. For curved work, the rubbing collars will work on any curved surface with a one-inch or greater radius. Working capacity is three inches. Finally, the beam, and the adjustable scribing pin are firmly locked in place with solid brass locking knobs.

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