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MG-3 Marking Gage

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MG-3 Marking Gage

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-085

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

Traditional marking gages employ a pointed scribing pin for the purpose of scoring your stock. This primitive and flawed design produces crude scratches that tend to drift with the grain. For crisp, clean and accurate marking, nothing beats a knife. The MG-3 Marking Gage uses a new, beveled circular knife design that tightly locks to the beam. The MG-3 Marking Gage effortlessly produces razor sharp marks with, across, or on end grain. Rest assured, it is almost impossible to scribe a wavy line with this tool! When the hardened knife dulls, loosen the locking screw and rotate approximately 1/8".

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Product Description

Inset into the solid brass beam is a dead accurate, photochemically etched satin-chrome rule, available in either English (1/32s) or metric (mm). On the non-business end of the head is an adjustable read-out sleeve. Lock the beam in position with the cutter flush with the face of the head and set the read-out sleeve to 0". From this initial setting, which likely will not need to be adjusted for years, the MG-3 Marking Gage can be set to any distance up to
six inches to 150 mm quicker than you can say "snickerdoodle". Dimensions as tight as 1/64" are easily attainable by setting between the 1/32" marks. For those of you who are not used to the treat of a ruler with your marking gage, we offer the MG-3 in a basic version.

The head (the portion of a marking gage that fits you hand) of our introductory Signature Series is made from solid rosewood, double brass faced for generations of faithful service. Nicely contoured to fit any size hand, and balanced by the solid brass beam, the MG-3 Marking Gage is unlike any similar tool and will exceed all your expectations as well as inspire your imagination. The locking knob and the beam finial are wood infilled, completing a design that will be a proud addition to your shop or tool collection.

Mortise and tenons, dovetails, lap and half lap, or any wood joint layout will benefit with the use of the MG-3 Marking Gage.

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