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MG-1 Marking Gage

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MG-1 Marking Gage

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-011

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

Instead of a scribing pin, the MG-1 uses a precision turned, hardened tool steel (Rc 62) cutting disc. Beveled on one side to 30 degrees, this disc is very sharp. The beveled face runs adjacent to the fence. This arrangement allows for a constant wedging action, always pulling the fence tight against the work piece - a very important feature for accurate joint layout, particularly in wavy or pronounce open grain woods. One sixth of the cutter is exposed (it does not rotate during use) allowing for six "blade changes" before the cutter needs to be sharpened. For most of you, this cutter will stay sharp 4-6 years and for many, this tool will never need to be sharpened
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Product Description

The actual cut is razor crisp, consistently clean, readable mark in all woods and is comparable to a knife slice. To use the tool, simply set the cutter distance from the fence by using your pocket rule (of course we are partial to our SR-6 Pocket Rule...). The handiest feature of the MG-1 is the accuracy. Dimensions as tight as 1/64" are easily attainable. Notice that the locking knob is located on the bottom of the tool. This simple design creates a tool which is comfortable, and a joy to hold and use.

The 3-3/4" long fence, combined with the contoured top, allows for dead certain registration with your lumber. Both faces of the MG-1 fence are inset worth #360 brass alloy wear plates. Marking capacity is a generous 7-1/2 inches. This is definitely an heirloom tool which works great.

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