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JMPv2 Precision Fence System (Metric)

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JMPv2 Precision Fence System (Metric)

Item Number: 6001003

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Quick Overview

Ask any Jointmaker Pro owner and they will share that the cut from this saw is unrivaled in both feel and accuracy—and the resulting joy from knowing this was accomplished without the use of power generates a satisfaction  not shared by many products available today.

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Product Description

The fence system consists of two independent fences, both featuring the ability to move stops without backlash in 0.001" (.05mm) increments over the 12" (300 mm) range of the fence. The stops are adjustable in both perpendicularity to the tables and in parallelism to the blade. When desired, the fences can be "bridged" together so both sliding tables work in unison.

The stop assemblies engage a backlash free lead screw with micrometer readouts on each end of the fences. The stops can be locked to the fence when needed but quickly pivot out of the way for rapid traverses, or, the stop finger can be flipped upward without unlocking the stop from the fence for a quick crosscut prior to cuts to a precise length.

NOTE: The JMPv2 Precision Fence System is labeled in METRIC graduations.
Only compatible with the JMPv2 Jointmaker and not the 1st version of the Jointmaker.

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