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JMPv2 Precision Fence System "The Works"

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JMPv2 Precision Fence System "The Works"

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Quick Overview

Ask any Jointmaker Pro owner and they will share that the cut from this saw is unrivaled in both feel and accuracy—and the resulting joy from knowing this was accomplished without the use of power generates a satisfaction not shared by many products available today.

The incredible cutting ability of the JMPv2 has been greatly expanded with our new Precision Fence System. Available in either Imperial or metric versions, this precision fence system has an array of accessories that makes it possible to do things that have yet to be imagined.

Please note: This does not include the JMPv2 Jointmaker (sold separately).

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Product Description

This kit includes:

(1) JMPv2 Precision Fence System
(1) Tenon/Miter Jig
(1) Bias Arm
(1) Elbow Clamp
(1) Pivot Clamp


The fence system consists of two independent fences, both featuring the ability to move stops without backlash in 0.001” (.05mm) increments over the 12” (300 mm) range of the fence. The stops are adjustable in both perpendicularity to the tables and in parallelism to the blade.  When desired, the fences can be “bridged” together so both sliding tables work in unison.

The stop assemblies engage a backlash free lead screw with micrometer readouts on each end of the fences.  The stops can be locked to the fence when needed but quickly pivot out of the way for rapid traverses, or, the stop finger can be flipped upward without unlocking the stop from the fence for a quick crosscut prior to cuts to a precise length.


Traditionally when cross-cutting wood by hand, the stock can be held in a vise, clamped to a bench or cut on a saw horse.  These rough edges are then “trued” with either a shooting plane, shoulder plane or other planning methods that creates joint worthy surfaces.

With the Jointmaker Pro, the stock is clamped to the sliding tables and once cut, there is no need for further work—and this is true for any angle or blade tilt you desire.  Clamping your stock to the tables creates a stress free set-up that allows you to concentrate on the relaxing rhythm of moving the tables back and forth.

With the introduction of the Precision Fence System we are offering two new clamps, the Elbow Clamp and the Pivot Clamp. Used together, these two clamps will accommodate just about every clamping situation you can conjure.

The Elbow Clamp has both an extendable reach (it fastens to one of the fence bases) and it has a positive lock elbow joint that allows that clamp arm to rotate in 5 degree increments. 

The Pivot Clamp is familiar style strap clamp that has been upgraded with pivoting clamp pads which, when used properly, prevent damage to your work surface. 
A second pair of clamps can be handy when both fences are tilted to the blade, allowing you to make “left” and “right” miter cuts (common with molding).


The capabilities of the Precision Fence System really grow with the available accessories, the most important of which is the Tenon/Miter Arm.

By removing the fingers from both heads on one fence, the Tenon/Miter Arm can be attached. This creates a firm foundation that will allow you to not only cut tenons (with the ability to use the micrometer adjustor), but you can also cut many miters, at any angle, without tilting the blade.

This is a completely new experience for most woodworkers and we are happy to share that not only are the setups much easier, they are much faster as the trial and error tests are reduced.   With the fence tilted, and your stock tilted, you can now cut many compound miters without tilting the blade.

The Tenon/Miter Arm attachment also includes an integral, friction lock “C” clamp for holding your stock against the arm. This convenient feature makes set-ups so easy and fast—it just makes cutting wood fun.


This unique arm fastens to the Tenon/Miter Protractor Plate and allows you to clamp square stock at a 45 degree bias to the blade which creates some very interesting detail cuts as well as some interesting joinery options.  It comes with a “V” groove clamp pad that screws on to the integral “C” clamp allowing you to clamp directly onto the corner of the stock without damaging the corner.


We have plans to produce an index wheel attachment that will allow you to make the radial cuts typically found in wooden gears. 

In addition, we are working on an attachment that will allow for ripping inlays used in decorative boxes and musical instruments.

The JMP makes cuts that are incredible. The new Precision Fence System now takes that precise cutting ability and allows you to manipulate your stock in just about any configuration imaginable—the JMPv2 and the Precision Fence System is simply the most precise hand sawing device ever invented.

Only compatible with the JMPv2 Jointmaker and not the 1st version of the Jointmaker.

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