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HP-8 Aluminum with Depth Skids

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HP-8 Aluminum with Depth Skids

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Milled from aluminum billet, the HP-8 Low Angle Mini Block Plane with Depth Skids works as a standalone small block plane or as a thickness plane for ultra-precise requirements.

Please note that the current model is not compatible with the HP-8 Miter and Straight Fences.

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Product Description

The most amazing capability of our small block planes is the ability to thickness plane small stock. By placing any reference material such as acrylic, Masonite, playing cards (we like gage pins) under the front and rear of the sole, you can drop the depth skids to your workbench surface and tighten. Set the iron depth to a comfortable depth and plane until the plane quits cutting. The results will astonish you, all of your stock will be within 0.001” (0.025mm). This is how John was able to make his “Fog of War” sculpture and you can see pictures here.

Milled from aluminum billet, the HP-8 Low Angle Mini BLock Plane features a bevel-up iron bedded at 12 degrees creating an attack angle of 42 degrees. It works as a standalone small block plane or as a thickness plane for ultra-precise requirements. Both faces of the A2 tool steel are optically lapped, and the hardness is 60-62 Rc.

The popularity of this plane is surprising, and this comment sums up the appeal:
“When I can’t find my HP-4 (very similar to the HP-8) I get the exact same feeling when I can’t find my wallet—I can’t live without this tool in my shop.”

The HP-8 is also a must-have tool for JMP owners. The impression this tool makes for small scale work is undeniable, it simply works fantastic. Think about this; imagine planing several hundred small sticks all within one thousandth of an inch… it is incredible.

Overall plane length 4.21"
Width is 1.298"
Blade width is .94"

Depth Skids are acetal, HP-8 plane body anodized aluminum.

Customer Reviews

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  1. This is the most used plane in my shop. Review by Norm

    I've used this plane for nearly a year now. My approach to fine fitting wood has changed having this tool at my finger tips. The plane performs flawlessly. It is just so easy to remove a bit of wood. Likewise, when I need to put a small bevel on a corner, this is the tool to use. Hardwood, softwood, end-grain, it doesn't matter, I get great results. Out of the box this plane needed no tuning.

    I originally hesitated to buy, thinking this tool was too expensive. Now I think I was being silly, the joy of use of this tool and the plane's results are definitely worth the price. The phrase, "you get what you pay for" is oh so true with this tool. (Posted on 11/18/15)

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