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HP-6v2 Dado Profiles

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HP-6v2 Dado Profiles

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Cut various width dado slots with the HP-6v2 Mini Multi Plane.


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Product Description

Dados and grooves are everyday needs for most woodworkers and making them entirely by hand has never been easier or more accurate.  Plow cutting a dado or groove with the grain is not a difficult task but cutting grooves in end grain and across the grain is difficult with traditional plow planes because they lack a scoring cutter.

Without a scoring cutter these cuts are either impossible (across the grain) or impossible to do cleanly.  All of the Dado kits for the HP-6v2 will make cuts that equal or surpass cuts made on a table saw in any grain direction. (Perhaps this sounds boastful, but when showing your dado cuts to your friends, family and fellow woodworkers, most will not believe they were made without power tools.) Each kit attaches to the HP6v2 in a matter of seconds and you make straight cuts by either using the guide fence or running the plane body against a board clamped to your stock.  It is simply one of the most amazing hand cuts you will ever experience. If cutting depth needs to be precisely controlled you can employ the HP-6 depth fence or adhere wood skid shims to the sole bottom with double stick tape. Here are just a couple of ideas you can employ in your projects…
    - Tenon shoulder cuts are a breeze using the 1/16” Dado kit. The scoring cutter makes a razor cut slightly ahead of the iron and the results are stunning.
    - Grooves to receive glass, panels and dividers are a breeze.
    -The 1/16” kit can be used to completely separate small moldings from the edge of a board by intersecting two cuts.
    -Drawer bottom grooves are accomplished in no time.
    -Decorative cuts, detail cuts and creating shadow lines have never been easier.  Grooves for inlays and infills are amazingly simple. And much more—your imagination is the only limitation.

The HP-6v2 Dado kits are simply unmatched for ease of use. Sharpening the iron and scoring cutter is easy, too. The irons are sharpened using any technique that works for you on a flat stone (we do recommend a guide for the smaller width irons). The scoring cutter is reversible and can be easily honed on a sixty-degree knife edge stone. Imagine making cuts—entirely by hand—in any grain direction, that rival any technique for quality and accuracy.

: Solid Brass/Aluminum
: A-2 Steel
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: No

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