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HP-6v2 60-Degree V-Groove Profile

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HP-6v2 60-Degree V-Groove Profile

Item Number: 1101-284-57

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Add the HP-6v2 60-Degree V-Groove Profile to your arsenal of HP-6v2 profiles.

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Product Description

The 60 degree “V” groove has several interesting functions.

The most obvious is as a “bacon saver”. Sometimes when a joint doesn’t completely close, making it worse can make it appear better. Run the 60 degree “V” groove down the joint and make it look intentional.  The steeper angle is a bit more pleasing to the eye than a pure 45 degree chamfer on each side of the joint. Depth of cut can be adjusted by either using the HP-6v2 Depth Skids or by taping shims on the sole.

Less obvious, and much more fun, is making cross-sectional strips that have an equilateral triangular cross section on tapered stock. Using the same technique, create hollow forms with a couple of modifications for making arms for low voltage lighting. Your imagination is the only limit to the ideas possible using this technique.

Please note: These profiles fit the HP-6v2 and HP-6FX Plane Bodies only.

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