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HP-14 Scraper Plane Aluminum

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HP-14 Scraper Plane Aluminum

Item Number: 1101-299

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Quick Overview

Bridge City Tool Works is pleased to introduce the HP-14 Scraper Plane, an indispensable plane for wood grain that cannot be tamed with other planes. It is the only logical choice for veneer work and really shines with surfacing marquetry projects.  

A limited edition version of the HP-14 Scraper Plane is also available to pre-order here.

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Product Description

The HP-14 Scraper Plane features a robust (8mm thick), CNC milled sole from 303 stainless steel. The sides are mechanically pressed to sole via metal dowel pins and retained with cap screws (If you were to remove the screws the sides cannot be removeable without mechanical pressure from the inside faces).

The scraping iron is cut from A2 tool steel sheet, is approximately 2.4mm thick and is ground to a 45-degree angle. From this angle, the user will use a burnisher (we use the shank of a screwdriver) to “roll” a hook to an approximate 60 degree angle (45 degrees from the factory grind, plus 15 degrees). It is hardened to Rc 48-50.

The rear tote is a tour-de-force of tool making craftsmanship. Investment cast stainless steel, the tote is polished to a mirror finish and the interior cavities are powder coated jet-black. Lastly, the sides are grained and the tote is fastened to the sole via two stainless steel cap screws.

The front tote is turned 6061 T6 aluminum, is bead blasted and anodized black. It works as good as it looks.

The pitch of the iron is adjusted via two knurled aluminum jam wheels that are anodized mango and the contrast creates a plane that is inspiring to look at and extremely fun to use.

To set up the tool, set it on a flat surface. Pitch the frog at approximately a 60 degree angle and lock in place. Next, you insert the iron (after rolling a hook) and allow it to seat against the flat surface. We recommend pressing down on the iron firmly while tightening the cap screw. This typically creates a minute protrusion of the hook.  Make a test cut.

There is not a depth adjustor on scraper planes, so if you are not getting shavings, either the hook is incorrect or the iron is not protruding from the bottom of the sole. If the latter is the case, repeat the set-up process mentioned above but shim the bottom of the plane off the bench surface with two pieces of thin paper.

When properly set-up, you should get shavings (as opposed to dust) 99.99% of the time REGARDLESS of grain direction. Scraper planes are a must-have tool for serious makers and we think the HP-14 Scraper Plane will exceed your expectations and those of your heirs for generations to come.

Length: 250 mm / 9.84252 in Width: 63.5 mm / 2.5 in Height: 130 mm / 5.12 in

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