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HP-10 V-Groove Kit "Works"

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HP-10 V-Groove Kit "Works"

Item Number: 1101-263-26

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Quick Overview

The HP-10 V-Groove Kit "Works" allow you to make stunning "v" cuts in wood that can be used as textural or decorative elements in your projects.

Included in this "Works" kit are:
•  HP-10 60 Degree V-Groove Profile
•  HP-10 90 Degree V-Groove Profile
•  HP-10 Small Texture V-Groove Profile
•  HP-10 Large Texture V-Groove Profile

(Please note: The HP-10 Foxtail Convertible Plane Body and HP-10 Guide Fence are not included and sold separately.)

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Product Description

The HP-10 V-Groove Kit "Works" allow you to make stunning "v" cuts in wood that can be used as textural or decorative elements in your projects.

Learn more about the various profiles included in this "works" kit below:

The 60 Degree V-Groove Profile makes a sharp “V” groove that can be used as a design element or as a way to save your bacon when you have a seam that is not perfect. Simply control the “V” groove depth with the depth skids and cut a “V” groove on the unattractive seam to hide it (ironically also called a “reveal”).

You can also make 60 degree chamfers or full equilateral triangle strips that can be used for inlays or grouped in sixes to make incredibly strong linear rods (think fly rods here).

When used with a fence, chamfering is an obvious use for the HP-10 90 Degree V-Groove Profile, as are all the ideas mentioned above with the 60 Degree Profile. The coolest use of this profile is to inlay corner moldings into planar surfaces to add contrast and/or texture. It’s fast, fun, and as always, when done well, adds much interest.

V Groove Molding

The one design element that is often missing in avocational woodworking is texture. When done well, texture creates visual interest through repetitive patterns and/or shadows. Both of the HP-10 Small Texture and HP-10 Large Texture V-Groove irons allow you to add visual interest to boxes, drawer fronts, table legs and the list goes on. One fun use is to texture an edge of a long board and cut this off the parent stock. This strip can then be cross cut into smaller pieces allowing you to make wooden tiles that can be used for decorative elements in boxes and motifs for furniture. Its fast, fun and cannot be easily replicated with a router.

These two texture profiles also allow you to make finger joint glue joints. This is particularly useful when edge gluing thin panels where you want the faces to be aligned perfectly for minimal cleanup.

To sharpen any of the irons, all you need to do is hone the bevel surface at 30 degrees, no special hones required.

Using the HP-10 “V” Groove Profile requires the use of a fence or guiding board clamped to your stock. We recommend using the HP-10 Guide Fence when your cuts are less than 3" from the edge of your stock. If you have a need for a "V" groove that exceeds the capacity of the fence system you will need to clamp a guide in place. The side of the HP-10 body will ride against this reference and your cuts will be as straight as your reference edge.

There are two ways to control depth of cut, one can use the HP-10 Depth Skids (that came with your HP-10 Dado Kit "Works) or by fastening shims to the sole (using double stick tape).

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