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HP-10 Dado Profile

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HP-10 Dado Profile

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All four HP-10 Dado Profiles, the HP-10 Dado Depth Stop, and HP-10 Dado Scoring Cutter Hone, are also available as a "Works" package here.

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Product Description

Dados and grooves are everyday needs for most woodworkers and making them entirely by hand has never been easier or more accurate. Plow cutting a dado or groove with the grain is not a difficult task but cutting grooves in end grain and across the grain is difficult with traditional plow planes because they lack a scoring cutter.

Sharpening the iron and scoring cutter is easy, too. The irons are sharpened using any technique that works for you on a flat stone (we do recommend a guide for the smaller width irons). The scoring cutter is reversible and can be easily honed with the HP-10 Dado Scoring Cutter Hone included in the kit or on a sixty-degree knife edge stone. Imagine making cuts—entirely by hand—in any grain direction, that rival any technique for quality and accuracy.

Here’s another little cool detail: Each of these sole kits, regardless of the dado width, are exactly 1″ wide which means they are a tad wider than the plane body. Why?  Because you can find the center line of your groove really easy if you know it is exactly 1/2″ from either of the sole edges. This is important when you need to use a shop made guide fence (strip of wood) to place your cut at odd angles or when the HP-10 Guide Fence runs out of travel.

Not all grooves are for tongue and groove joints. Use the HP-10 Dado Depth Stop with the bracket from the HP-10 Rabbet Depth Stop included in the HP-10 Rabbet Kit (sold separately) to vary the groove/dado depths in applications that require a groove that is less deep (such as inlay strips and banding).

With the grain, across the grain, end grain, or diagonal, you will get razor crisp results that are smoother than what can be made with a saw or router. Oh, and a whole lot quieter too.

(Please note: The HP-10 Foxtail Convertible Plane Body is not included and sold separately.)

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