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HP-10 Cove/Core Kit "Works"

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HP-10 Cove/Core Kit "Works"

Item Number: 1101-263-31

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Quick Overview

For the first time in our plane making history, we are pleased to offer a 4-piece set of "rounds" for the HP-10 Convertible Plane Series!

Included in the works kit are:
•  HP-10 1/4" Cove/Core Profile
•  HP-10 3/8” Cove/Core Profile
•  HP-10 1/2" Cove/Core Profile
•  HP-10 3/4" Cove/Core Profile

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Product Description

Making cuts with a rounded bottom is a staple of creative woodworking that has never been easier, and like many of our tools, there is more than the obvious to share...

Traditional "rounds" typically cut an arc segment that spans somewhere between 45-60 degrees. Our new HP-10 Cove/Core Profiles will allow you to cut a full semi-circle which makes an identical cut to a core router bit. When the plane quits cutting, you are done. Shallower depths are controlled with athe HP-10 Depth Skids.

We are introducing four cove/core dimaters (1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4”) that will allow you to add flutes and ornamental rounded cuts to your projects.  In addition, with the added core capabilities, you can now create core cuts in two identical pieces of wood and, when joined together, you will have a hole that is impossible to make by drilling with no limit on length!

The HP-10 Cove/Core Profiles are perfect for making drawer pulls, fluting, molding, fluted turnings, and also, speaking of fluting, you can use the core capabilities to make musical instruments.

Whether you want to make quarter cove cuts on the edge of a board, make decorative flute cuts on boxes and cabinetry, or make perfectly centered holes with no length restrictions, our new HP-10 Cove/Core profiles is a great addition to your shop.


John also shares his view on these new profiles in this blog post.

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