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FR-1 Folding Rule & Caliper

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FR-1 Folding Rule & Caliper

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1104-179

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

The FR-1 Folding Rule & Caliper is several tools in one and all perform with stellar precision. Here are the main features of this incredible device:

• 12" Left-to-Right reading ruler, 1/32" graduations
• 12" Right-to-Left reading ruler, 1/32" graduations
• Center Rule, 5" capacity, 1/32" graduations
• 4" Caliper, 1/32" graduations direct, mm by adjacent scale. Works identically in either the right or the left hand!
• Locking Depth Gage

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Product Description

When setting up a saw and other woodworking machines, you need a rule that will read from right to left. Few woodworkers relish using a left to right ruler upside down for setting their table saw fence – the FR-1 is the perfect right-to-left reading rule. Flip the FR-1 180 degrees and your 12" left-to-right ruler is ready for use. This is incredibly handy and much more accurate than using a tape measure.The FR-1 also features a small, handy centering rule. Use this rule to find dead center on stock up to 5" in width without using any math. Align your stock so the same measurement is aligned with the two outside edges and the rule points to center.

Finally, there is a small 120mm rule on one arm for metric measurements. The FR-1 has a feature we have never seen before in similar tools – it works in either the right or left hand! In addition to measuring up to 4" by 32nd’s, the FR-1 will also simultaneously read millimeters.

Concealed in one arm of the FR-1 is a lockable depth stem. Want to check the depth of a mortise? Simply slide the depth stem to the bottom of your mortise, lock in place and use the caliper jaw to read the depth stem (as shown on the cover). 

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