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DJ-1 Drilling Jig Imperial Kit

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DJ-1 Drilling Jig Imperial Kit

Item Number: 1101-234

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Quick Overview

Drilling accurate holes is fundamental in the woodshop and this need has traditionally been served by the venerable drill press. The DJ-1 Drilling Jig can do the vast majority of drilling operations that a drill press can do (more accurately in most cases) and several operations that are either impossible or incredibly difficult with a drill press.

The DJ-1 Includes the following:
DJ-1 Drilling Jig with V-Jaws
5/8" ID bushing
1/2" ID bushings (2)
7/16" ID bushing
3/8" ID bushings (2)
5/16" ID bushing
1/4" ID bushing (2)
3/16" ID bushing
1/8" ID bushing

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Product Description

Using either powered (battery drills) or non-powered (palm brace, Yankee drill, eggbeater, et al) you can now drill holes that in most cases surpass the accuracy of a drill press. HOW? Because the drill has no room to wiggle in a hardened steel bushing. Running a drill through a bushing with an ID that is .0006” larger than the bit is the most accurate way to ensure your drill goes where you want. For example, try drilling diagonally through square stock (corner to corner) with a twist drill on a drill press—not easy.

The uses for this tool are really limited only by your imagination. It is small, incredibly accurate and can be tucked away in a drawer or cabinet.See the DJ-1 in action: click the Video tab to watch!

Using hardened steel bushings, the DJ-1 can accommodate the following drill shank sizes;5/8”, 9/16”, ½”, 7/16”, 3/8”, 5/16”, ¼”, 3/16”, 1/8”. You are not limited to these sizes however. Most forstner type bits use a ½” shank and most drills with a ½” shank can be use in conjunction with the DJ-1 Drilling Jig. The DJ-1 can hold two identical bushings simultaneously making joinery involving dowels (particularly ¼”, 3/8” or ½” diameter dowels) fast because they are automatically space exactly 64mm (2.51”) apart. Or, you can keep your two most common sizes attached for speedy access.

Using a zero backlash cable mechanism (it is impossible for one arm to move without an equal and opposite movement by the other), the DJ-1 is the most accurate drilling accessory available today.Because this device self-centers without thinking, it shines in step-drilling mortises and also works as a paring guide—your mortises no longer need look like they were made by other organic life forms… And if you remove one jaw (pin-indexed) the DJ-1 can be used as a paring guide for hand dovetails too. We designed the DJ-1 to appeal to woodworkers of all ability.

Please join our DJ-1 Drilling Jig forum to learn how others are using this one of a kind tool.

The DJ-1 Drilling Jig includes Imperial bushings. A metric version is also available to preorder.  The DJ-1 unit is identical for both Imperial and Metric bushings allowing you to use either system interchangeably.

• DJ-1 Drilling Jig with V-Jaws
• 5/8" ID bushing
• 1/2" ID bushings (2)
• 7/16" ID bushing
• 3/8" ID bushings (2)
• 5/16" ID bushing
• 1/4" ID bushing (2)
• 3/16" ID bushing
• 1/8" ID bushing
To clarify more about the DJ-1 between the DJ-2, we are not discontinuing the production of the DJ-1 because of its self-centering function which is invaluable to certain applications. The DJ-2 is mainly for off-center hole drilling and was created from requests from current DJ-1 owners. You can center with the DJ-2, however, it involves using the centering rules on the arms and making sure that the spacing is identical on the left and right which indicates the drill line is centered. Depending on the project you are working on, the DJ-1 can sometimes be easier and faster to use, especially if the task mainly involves drilling holes in the center.

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