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CT-5 Hand Vise

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CT-5 Hand Vise

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-100

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

The CT-5 Hand Vise is a visually compelling design, combining accuracy, usefulness, craftsmanship and collectability.

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Product Description

Long before "locking pliers" or Vice Grips™, craftspeople relied on small, hand held clamping tools known as pin (or hand) vises. More than likely, due to cost comparisons with the new mass-produced locking pliers, hand vises lost their way and quality versions are no longer being produced. .

The elegantly functional design of the CT-5 Hand Vise was inspired from the Alford hand vise last produced over a century ago. The bright nickel-plated, precision milled jaws are fashioned from solid steel and assembled onto the center portion of the tool. A flawlessly turned rosewood or Juara wood handle, capped with a brass ferrule is attached. Completing the assembly is a solid brass knob with a matching wood infill.

A hand vise is specifically used to hold work where your fingers will not, cannot, or should not go. You use this tool for all items too small or delicate to hold with more "modern" techniques, like slip-joint pliers or locking pliers. The major difference is your hand is free from the squeezing needed for pliers. This is of great help to those who have grip or hand strength difficulties. Rather than have a small part spin in your pliers, use the CT-5 Hand Vise. You control the pressure needed to firmly hold the work. The result is perfect execution without crushing, deforming or losing your work piece.

The first thing you will notice is the dampening characteristics of the steel jaws when touching small parts to abrasive machines. Vibration is dispersed throughout the mass of the metal components. What used to feel like a ride on a wild bull now feels like velvet. And the wood handle provides additional dampening. 

Notice the flat sides of the CT-5 Hand Vise. This enables you to position the hand vise in your workbench vise for intensive, accurate work. Applications include filing, sanding, finishing, bending (etc). 

The "V" milled jaws are designed to hold hexagonal, square or round stock, either parallel or perpendicular to the jaw orientation. This is great for drilling and other assorted tasks on slippery or short stock

Product Specifications

: 7"

Customer Reviews

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  1. great tool Review by Jon

    Very nice indeed. On display in my office. Bought it on eBay and I couldn't be happier. Looking for more BCTW tools now. (Posted on 11/15/14)

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