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CT-3 Inclinometer

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CT-3 Inclinometer

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-081S

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

The 1995 Commemorative Tool #3 is the CT-3 Inclinometer. This is a handsome tool, with a compelling look and feel, and is surrounded by an extraordinary aura of accuracy. We know of no similar unique devices or instruments that compare in function and beauty. This tool epitomizes all the traits we strive for; undeniable functionality, clean lines, smooth action, and the perfect marriage of wood to metal that many call the BCTW hallmark. An Inclinometer is a precision level for determining odd, plumb, and level angles. Historically, this tool was used by craftspeople from many disciplines for countless tasks; as our creative world and ideas are seldom (or exclusively) plumb and level.
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Product Description

About the Design

We started with one of the most accurate level vials manufactured. Each glass vial is hand ground with an internal barrel radius. Filled with clear methanol, the bubble responds to very minute changes in incline, allowing you to accurately determine your settings without the fear normally associated with tools of lesser quality.

The housing assembly consists of several components, two of which are noteworthy. The level vial assembly is mechanically situated in a solid brass ring. This ring, with the aid of over one hundred ball bearings, creates a very smooth rotary motion within the main housing. Nothing beats a tool that works like a precision instrument. The rotary motion is easily frozen in place for your needs with one of our emblematic infilled brass knobs. The main brass housing is rigidly fastened to the Rosewood or Juara wood infilled brass base.

The second most important aspect of the CT-3 Inclinometer is the photochemically etched degree indicator dial. Made from satin chromed hardened steel for readability, with hand filled black etchings, the tool is distinguished with very fine tolerances and permanent markings, and is a joy to read.  All of the metal components are precision milled or turned on CNC machines, ensuring the accuracy of an heirloom tool that will never be made again. The flawlessly milled wooden cheeks are precisely meshed with the surrounding brass edges and the tool is impeccably detailed.

Buried deep within the brass body of each CT-3 Inclinometer is an American penny. The small copper penny, as insignificant as it has come to be, is still a powerful token of good fortune. From all of us at Bridge City, this small coin is our gesture of continued success in your endeavors.

Use of the Tool

To establish levelness, all you need is a relatively flat and level surface, and a small board. Set the CT-3 Inclinometer on the board and rotate the inner ring until the bubble level is perfectly centered between the hairlines. At this point, it does not matter if the cursor does not indicate to "0." Next, rotate the inclinometer base exactly 180°, and note the reading. If the "bubble" is exactly in the same position, your tool is resting on a perfectly level surface. If not, which is usually the case, you will need to shim the board until this result occurs. Once the bubble reads exactly the same flipped 180°, lock the vial ring with the top knob. If the cursor is not pointing to the "0," adjust accordingly.

First and foremost, the CT-3 Inclinometer is a very accurate bench level. The sole is 8" in length and will accommodate all of your precision leveling needs. Rotate the vial ring until the indicator reads 90°, lock in place, and you now have a very accurate plumb level. Simply readjust for any angle in between level and plumb. You will not need another leveling device for shop works with the CT-3 Inclinometer at your command. It will even work perfectly upside down! This is particularly handy for molding work, ceiling work and numerous other tasks.

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