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CT-2 Squevelevel

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CT-2 Squevelevel

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-068

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

The CT-2 Squevelevel is a combination of the CT-1 Squevel, the Adjustable Try Square and the Precision Bench Level. The result is a compelling design combining accuracy, usefulness and visual appeal. This tool exudes quality from tip to toe and is a fitting tribute to our tradition of offering Founder's Circle members an exclusive tool they will be proud to own and use, or collect. Where else can you get a try square with a T-bevel and a bench level rolled into one? The Squevelevel combines the best of our design, craftsmanship and technological capabilities.

As a hidden bonus, recessed into the brass handle cavity of the Squevelevel is a brand new 1994 U.S. penny. This penny expresses  our gratitude for the continued business of our customers, and offers a return wish of luck in your endeavors. Though it is not visible to the eye, a simple shake of the tool will remind you that sometimes, something as small as a penny can make a difference.

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Product Description

About the Design
We start with a solid chunk of 360 half-hard brass and precision mill it into an I-beam (one of the strongest configurations devised) to form the foundation of our Squevelevel handle. Two flawless wood cheeks fill the handle and handy finger grips grace each side. The handle has a solid brass bevel blade inset into its back and a cutaway near the locking knob, providing increased access to the bevel blade. Locking the bevel to the handle is one of our impeccably turned, wood-infilled brass knobs. The bevel blade length is 4-1/2".

At the head of the handle is a rigid, satin-chromed, hardened steel blade. This blade is photochemically etched and black filled, producing one thirty-second of an inch graduations. This blade is attached to the handle with our proprietary triangulation fastening system. As with our Adjustable Try Squares, this feature allows to accurately register the graduations of the blade with both edges of the handle, ensuring accuracy to within 0.001" over the length of the 9" blade.

One of the best features of this unique system is that it's field adjustable! If, for whatever reason, you determine that the accuracy of your tool is suspect, you can adjust it yourself in a matter of minutes. This is the first truly unique mechanical improvement to try square designs in over a century, and a Bridge City exclusive!

Finally, residing quietly and securely in the brass handle body is a spring loaded carriage that holds one of our precision level vials. There are two small screws accessible from the handle face that allow us (and you) to accurately register this vial with the outside edge of the handle. Accuracy is within 5 seconds of a degree per graduation.

The Bevel
Sliding "T" Bevels are a mainstay in any shop. Always having one at your fingertips is incredibly useful. This bevel will pivot so you may use it as a rest stop for the try square handle, enabling one-handed layout work. This feature is very similar to the slide stop built into the AS-14 Adjustable Try Square.

The Level
The level can be used either as bench level or a plumb level. To use as a plumb level, simply hold the steel blade to your vertical surface and adjust your work until the vial reads true.

The Square
|This is one of the finest try squares ever produced. The outside measurement (heel to toe) is a full nine inches. The blade is indexed to the back of the handle, so you can set the square down with the blade aiming straight up and use these graduations for height measurements. Equally useful are the inside graduations which are indexed to the inside face of the handle. This allows you to accurately measure by using the handle of the square as an end stop, or a large hook rule, so to speak.


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