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CT-12 40-Degree Bench Plane

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CT-12 40-Degree Bench Plane

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-185

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

The CT-12 40° Bench Plane is our 2004 limited-edition Commemorative Tool #12. With this introduction, we have developed a device that significantly improves bench plane performance and functionality.
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Product Description

The CT-12 features an articulated iron cap (patent in process) that looks and works differently than any other iron cap or double iron assembly. This uniquely hinged device “pre-loads” the cutting edge with a force greater than any resistance encountered during use. In addition, the mass spanning the entire bevel of the iron deadens vibration, which provides for much smoother cutting and helps prolong edge life. The articulated iron cap also functions as an ideal chip breaker (which helps minimize grain tear-out) and eliminates the hassle of taking apart a double iron when sharpening is required. No shavings will wedge under this chip breaker.

The CT-12, like every Commemorative plane in the series, features the incredibly intricate double-dovetail joinery and uses a modified "Norris" style adjustment mechanism that adjusts both the depth of cut and blade skew. The sole is guaranteed to be flat within 0.002" in all directions. The throat of the plane is completely adjustable and locks to the sole in three places. Our CT-12 40° Bench Plane is offered exclusively to Founder’s Circle Members.

Product Specifications

: 5.5lbs
: 5.62"
: 2.77"
: 9.63"
: 2.1"
: 40 Degrees

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blem CT-12?

Only a slight cosmetic difference turns this otherwise perfect tool into a blem. Our blem tools are functionally identical to their non-blem counterparts.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Awesome!! Review by Lee Laird

    I ordered this plane as a blem, and for the life of me could never find what caused the rejection. Beautiful workmanship and works like a charm. It's too bad they aren't still available, as it is one of the best.

    With the plane was an instruction sheet advising not to try to work the back of the iron, as it is polished to an optical level. I guess I've always wondered how we are to remove the burr, when sharpening the bevel, without messing up the back. ??

    Lee (Posted on 7/12/12)

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