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CT-10 Smoothing Plane

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CT-10 Smoothing Plane

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-175

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

Low angle smoothing planes are not new. However, in order to design one for shavings so wispy thin you can see through them, an adjustable throat is a necessity. The CT-10 combines an adjustable throat with an extra thick plane iron and a “Norris” style micro iron adjuster.
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Product Description

The Design
The CT-10 Low Angle Smoothing Plane is fashioned after its older siblings, the CT-7, CT-8 and CT-9 planes. The shape and form are undeniable Bridge City hallmarks as are the rosewood infills in the toe and heel of the body. Like the previous three planes, the CT-10 also features the incredibly difficult double-dovetail joinery which permanently affixes the brass sides to the sole. We have eliminated unsightly through screws on both handles. All adjustment knobs are rosewood infilled and, as always, the tool is ready to use right out of the box. The CT-10 is without peer in manufacture, appearance and function. With minimal care this astonishing plane will perform for you, your children and your children’s children. Beginning with an annealed piece of 1/4" thick A2 tool steel, the iron is milled and heat-treated to Rockwell 60-62. Then the hardened steel undergoes a special cryogenic tempering process. (Cryogenic tempering is a supplemental process to heat/quench tempering. The tool steel is cooled below –300° Fahrenheit in liquid nitrogen for several hours. The results are dramatic! The fine grain structure of the metal allows for extremely sharp edges. And the edge “holds” much longer.)

What separates this plane iron from all others is the optical lap we put on the back of the iron. (A cutting edge is nothing more than the intersection of two planes. The finish on the back of the iron is equally important to the finished bevel.) The back of this iron will never need to be “flattened.” After lapping, a primary bevel angle of 25° is ground square. Then a final 30° micro-bevel is brought to a mirror finish. Simply put, this iron is ready to use right out of the box.

The sole begins as a three-pound stainless steel billet. All interior pockets, dovetails and the throat opening are CNC milled. For the iron to seat dead flat against the bevel in the sole (an absolutely critical aspect of any plane), a portion of the iron adjustment mechanism is affixed to the sole and all reference surfaces to the iron are precisely cut. The bulk of the machine work in making the CT-10 Low Angle Smoothing Plane is in the production of this amazing stainless steel sole. After machining and deburring, the top surfaces are filled with rosewood. Finally, the plane is tensioned, and the sole is lapped flat. You can expect to remove this tool from the box and make one of the finest shavings you have ever seen.

The double-dovetail joint is arguably the most beautiful joint in metalworking. There is no question — the combination of a stainless steel sole and brass sides is not only gorgeous, but is impossible to take apart. We receive more questions as to how we produce this joint than any other aspect of any of our tools! The CT-10 uses a modified “Norris” style adjustment mechanism that changes both the depth of cut and the blade angle to the sole. CNC turned and milled from brass and stainless steel, this precision system allows for extremely fine adjustments. One full revolution of the knob changes depth of cut by 0.006". An eighth of a revolution will change the shaving thickness by 7.5 ten-thousandths (0.00075) of an inch! We have milled a beautiful complimentary plane iron cap that is visually harmonious with the blade. It seats dead flat against the iron and the pivot axle is not visible from the front of the plane.

The Rear and Front Handles

The CT-10 features a lacquered, “four finger” sculpted rosewood handle free from the visual interruptions typically created by the spine bolt. (Most plane handles do not reflect today’s ergonomic data. Our handle is perfect for all hand sizes.) We have built this entire handle around a turned 3/8" diameter stainless steel spine that is permanently fixed to the base plate and sole — none of which is visible to the naked eye. The results are not only unbelievably strong and heirloom functional, but beautiful as well. The front handle is hand turned around a solid brass ferrule that also works as the adjustable throat locking knob. It’s raised off the sole to ensure your fingers have plenty of holding space. Again, there are no visible screws or bolts to hinder the lines of this flawlessly executed turning.

Product Specifications:

Weight" 5lbs

Length" 10.8"

Width" 2.76"

Attack Angle" 52.5 Degree

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