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CT-1 Squevel

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CT-1 Squevel

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-060S

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

Some of our most popular tools are the small-handled squares. Until 1991 all of these tools were made from 4/4 rosewood. Rather than mill this material into sawdust to obtain the final dimensions, a small "cheek" was sawn off the face. These thin pieces of rosewood were never scrapped and we had literally thousands of pieces sitting in our warehouse. Because the Squevel is so unique and limited in number, we offered it both in Juara™ wood and rosewood, using the rosewood cheeks many would burn.
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Product Description

The Squevel handle is milled from a solid 1-1/2 lb. chunk of #360 half hard, tempered brass. Unlike many of our other tools which are constructed around a wood core, this is a solid metal handle with a wood inlay.

The brass stock is precisely milled on a computer driven mill. The brass is cleaned and prepped to receive the wood inlays, two matched pieces per side. The handle is now ready to receive the fixed blade which is initially "frozen" in place with the commercial cyanoacrylate adhesive and then mechanically locked with three rivets.

From a manufacturing standpoint, what happens next is fascinating to watch. We temporarily lock the adjustable bevel blade in place in the handle. Then the entire tool is placed into a fixture where the butt of the handle is profiled in two planes. This creates a terrific-looking tool. The rest of the process is detailing and finishing, all of the little extras which make our tools stand out from the pack.

It's accurate to within 0.002" over the 6-1/2" blade length, inside and out. Use it for all of your squaring needs; it's made to last and should be a tireless workhorse for you and future woodworkers.

Buried into the solid brass handle is a small bevel. This small bevel is perfect for laying out dovetails, angled tenons, and is particularly useful for setting angles on machines with narrow throats, such as band saw tables and scrollsaw tables. The bevel blade length is 3-7/8" in a 90° setting.

Locking the bevel to the handle is one of our nicely turned, infilled brass knobs.

Besides the penny, and some gorgeous rosewood or Juara™ wood, each of these special commemorative tools will be sequentially engraved with an edition number.



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