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Countersink Set

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Countersink Set

Item Number: 1101-306

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Quick Overview

If you have never used single flute countersinks, they are a revelation. Absolutely ZERO chatter, using these results in incredibly clean beveled surfaces.

The Countersink Set comes with:
•  (1) 90 Degree Countersink (Small)
•  (1) 90 Degree Countersink (Large) 
•  (1) 82 Degree Countersink (Small)
•  (1) 82 Degree Countersink (Large)
•  (1) 60 Degree Countersink
•  (1) Solid Aluminum Storage Rack

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Product Description

Our single flute countersinks come in three angles: 82 degrees, 90 degrees and 60 degrees. The 82 and 90 degree versions come in two sizes—large and small. Why you ask? We recommend that you use the smaller ones for deburring and cutting countersinks in metals and for countersinks in small wooden holes. Reserve the larger ones for the larger wood projects like furniture, workbenches, and other applications where you are flush setting large flat head screws or need large, clean chamfers. There is nothing worse than a large countersink where the bottom half is chewed up and the top half is pristine. 

Metric flat head screws require a 90 degree countersink. In addition, we really like the 90 degree countersink for creating symmetric chamfers on holes.

American made flathead screws almost always have an 82 degree head.

The 60 degree countersink is used when you want to guide a drill into a hole without drift. It can be used on the tail stock on a lathe, or in a drill press prior to drilling a larger hole that is supposed to follow a smaller pilot hole - a 60 degree countersink really helps here.

All have faceted 3/8” diameter shanks (will not slip in a 3 jawed chuck). All are hardened A2 tool steel.  Maximum diameter of the two large countersinks are 1.25” and the maximum diameter of the three smaller countersinks is 0.750”


Note: NEVER use a countersink in a router, mount in hand drills, drill presses, milling machines and tail stocks only.  Depending on the material, recommended RPM ranges from 350-1200 RPM, with the slower speeds for metals.

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