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BP-18v2 Bevel Protractor

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BP-18v2 Bevel Protractor

Item Number: 1101-298

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Quick Overview

The BP-18v2 Bevel Protractor is an all-aluminum tool with a superb locking mechanism that features a Vernier scale that will allow you to read to 0.1 degrees. 

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Product Description

The BP-18v2 Bevel Protractor main protractor scale is laser etched on a plate of anodized aluminum, which is 260mm in length, 150mm in height and is approximately 6mm thick. It reads direct to one-half degrees and using the Vernier scale, you can set angles in 0.1 degree increments.

The pivot arm contains the Vernier hairline cursor (beveled to avoid parallax errors) by which you set angles. The length of this arm will allow you to layout many of your angles directly without the need of transferring to another bevel. This saves you time, improves your accuracy and is particularly useful in setting up table saw miter gages!

The most unique feature of the BP-18v2 Bevel Protractor are the two ring magnets in the pivot arm. These receive two small clamps that allow you to directly set the protractor on a miter gage with a standard ¾” bar. This is fast, accurate and very reassuring. The back of the protractor plate contains four rare earth magnets that allow you to “stick” a rule against references which will extend the engagement plane of the tool. 

The BP-18v2 Bevel Protractor can be used independently or in conjunction with another adjustable bevel. Traditionally you would set the bevel protractor at the chosen angle and transfer the setting to a T-bevel that will allow you to set machines to acute or obtuse angles. Since both edges of the BP-18 Bevel Protractor are accurate to the indicator, this is the perfect tool for setting our AS-24 Adjustable Angle Square!

Our Woodworker's Guide to Compound Miters contains all the compound angle settings for the table or radial arm saw which will give you an incredible lift in capability. These numbers are extremely difficult to calculate on your own (and sometimes even harder to find). John has shared in his blog post here a calculator that could be downloaded on your smart phone to ease that burden as well!

For example, let's say you want to make a seven-sided box with the sides at an eleven degree angle. At what angle do you set your blade? At what angle do you set the miter gage? Hundreds of problems like this are easily tackled with The Woodworker's Guide to Compound Miters or the Angle Master Pro app.

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