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AS-5 Adjustable Square

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AS-5 Adjustable Square

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1101-076

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

The AS-5 is factory calibrated to be within 0.001" of square, measured from the end of the blade. That's one thousandth of an inch over the length of the blade, inside and out!

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Product Description

Accuracy is undeniably the most important aspect of a try square. Perfect ninety degrees exists only in mathematics. Once theory meets the shop floor, things begin to degrade into the world of variables. "Tolerance" is a fancy word meaning "this may not be exactly what you think or need." Generally speaking, the accuracy of a try square should be sufficient enough to allow you to make gap free joints in hardwood. And, it's always easier to make drawers for a carcass if it is square. Most European squares, and most American versions, are manufactured to the "European standard" which is an angle variation of 0.001" for every lineal inch of blade length. This means a square with a ten inch blade could be 0.010" out of square at the end of the blade: either acute or obtuse. This is sufficient error for you to need filler in your joints, and is simply unacceptable for quality work.

Never again will you have to worry about the accuracy of your squares because the AS-5 like their brothers before them, feature our proprietary blade adjustment mechanism. The existing paradigm of try square design and manufacture has been changed forever. Take a few minutes to learn how these tools can help you reach the upper pinnacles of craftsmanship.

Located within each face of the solid brass square handle is a small hex screw. If your square encounters "shop turbulence" and accuracy has been compromised, it takes five minutes to repair the tool, and you do it yourself!

Here's how:

You need a smooth board with one straight edge. Lay your square against the edge and scribe a line. Flip the handle 180o and align the blade along the same line. If your square is accurate, the blade will be exactly parallel to the first line. If not, the error you see is twice the error of the tool. To re-true the square, take an Allen wrench (hex key wrench) and very slightly and equally adjust the set screws in the handle. (Complete, detailed instructions are included with the tool.) This process takes just a couple of minutes and your tool is back to square. The handle and blade are rigid, square, and your confidence is restored. Accuracy has never been this easy, and you'll find the ability to true the tool, one of the most reassuring elements of any tool you currently own. Imagine having all of your squares nest within each other. Oh such bliss!

The AS-5 is factory calibrated to be within 0.001" of square, measured from the end of the blade. That's one thousandth of an inch over the length of the blade, inside and out! The most demanding craftspeople will revel in the soothing comfort this accuracy provides. I am speaking from experience when I share with you that woodworking takes on a new dimension once you have tools you can implicitly trust. 

Accuracy not withstanding, both of these tools feature two additional functions that are unique in the marketplace. Each has a graduated blade, etched to government accuracy standards, and are precisely registered in the handle. This allows you to use the inside rule for extremely accurate measurements of length, and the outside rule as a height gage. Accuracy of measurement is within 0.0025", which is one half the thickness of a graduation mark on the rule. You will not find a more useful or accurate square, anywhere, at any price.

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