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AM-1 Angle Master

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AM-1 Angle Master

This item is no longer in production and is not available for purchase. It is listed here for reference purposes only.

Item Number: 1102-092

Availability: Discontinued

Quick Overview

Simply stated, the holes you see in the two arms of the AM-1 create 72 distinct hypotenuses for any given angle. With the aid of computer and much time, over 600,000 possibilities were considered to arrive at the hole positions found in each arm. These precisely located holes allow you to set angles in five hundredths of a degree increments. With the aid of a ruler, beam compass or trammel, and the AM-1 Reference Guide, two simple index pins are adjusted to a measurement no finer than 1/16" (or 1-mm)! Mathematically, the accuracy of this concept allows for angles with a maximum linear error of .0008" over six inches (.02-mm). Quite frankly, that is a ridiculously small error; however, it is so easy to achieve! You now have the ability to do things that you could not do before! This is one of the hallmarks of a great tool, your capabilities have expanded.
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Product Description

Using information from our "Woodworker's Guide to Compound Miters" and the AM-1 Angle Master makes for an incredibly easy project that everybody in our office wants to take home!

The AM-1 Angle Master is precision CNC milled aluminum and is designed to be used in conjunction with the included Reference Guide. The Reference Guide contains all angle settings from 90 degrees through 12 degrees, by 5 one-hundredths of a degree. That's 1,560 angles, mathematically accurate to no more than .0008" linear runout over 6". Settings are available in either English or metric measurement systems. WOW!

In addition, there are an additional 1,560 setting if you choose to set your angles with a pair of digital or dial calipers. Angle setting has never been easier. Finally, there are 1,560 choices for determining an unknown angle. It is truly a peerless tool that will perform flawlessly time and time again.

This dandy reference contains all of the miter gage settings and saw blade tilt angles for table and radial arm saws. It is amazingly thorough and allows you to make compound angled projects with three to thirty-six sides. This guide is useless without an accurate tool to set fractional degrees. Combine it with the AM-1 Angle Master and you have a knock-out combination. It is now possible to make complex joinery WITHOUT FILLER and you can do it easily.

Don't hesitate, put this tool to work and expand your capabilities literally overnight! 


Example 1: Setting a known angle
Here are two methods to set the AM-1 Angle Master. For this illustration, we will use 53.55 degrees. 

Method 1
1. Locate 53.55 degrees from column "A" in the Reference Guide.
2. As per the Reference Guide, place the short; index pin in the hole marked "B". Place the long index pin in the hole marked "2".
3. With the tool unlocked, adjust the center distances of the index pins to 12-15/16" with either a ruler or trammel. Lock all three knobs. The AM-1 Angle Master is now set to 53.55 degrees. This is ridiculously easy for this level of accuracy.

Method 2
1. Set a dial or digital caliper to 3.9516" or 100.37 mm (from the Reference Guide). Adjust the AM-1 until the caliper traps the outside diameters of the two FIXED index pins located on the short arms of the AM-1 Angle Master.
2. Lock the AM-1 at the setting of 53.55 degrees.

Example 2: Transferring an angle from the AM-1 Angle Master
Once you have set the AM-1 Angle Master using the methods previously describe, you can transfer the angle to a T-bevel or adjustable square by nesting the bevel between the two long arms of the AM-1 Angle Master. Use the T-bevel with the newly transferred angle to tilt saw blades, machinery fences or numerous other applications.

Example 3: Transferring an angle directly to a table saw miter gage
Located on the bottom of the AM-1 Angle Master are two precision turned locating buttons. These buttons freeze the AM-1 Angle Master in a miter gage groove for the purpose of setting the miter gage. This is also a convenient way to set angles, whether you are going to use the table saw or not.

Once you have set the AM-1 Angle Master using the methods previously described, place the AM-1 in one of the miter gage slots on the table saw. The arm extends in such a manner that allow you to set your miter gage directly off the AM-1 Angle Master. To tilt the blade, use the technique described in Example 2.

Example 4: Transferring an unknown angle directly to the AM-1 for identification
If you have an unknown angle either on a piece of stock or T-bevel setting that you would like to know, use the AM-1 Angle Master. Once known, the angle can be divided in two (bisected) to create a miter. Here are two methods.

Method 1
1. Set the AM-1 Angle Master so the bevel or part with the unknown angle nests within the long arms and lock the AM-1 Angle Master.
2. Place the short index pin in the hole marked "A".
3. Place the long index pin in the hole marked "1".
4. Measure the center distance of the index pins and locate the closest setting from column "F" of the Reference Guide. This method is accurate to within 1/4 of a degree!

Method 2
1. Set the AM-1 Angle Master so the sample nests within the long arms and lock the AM-1 Angle Master.
2. Adjust a pair of dial or digital calipers to the outside diameters of the fixed reference pins.
3. Find the closest angle from column "E". This method is accurate to within 1/10 of a degree!

Example 5: Using the AM-1 Angle Master as a precision layout tool

The AM-1 Angle Master is a superb layout tool. Set the desired angle and transfer to your stock. The tool engages your work perfectly and can be flipped to layout identical angles on either end of your stock. And it locks tighter than any tool we have seen!

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